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Learn French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese Language Courses in Lucknow. Are you fascinated to learn new languages? If yes then our professional and experienced teachers help you to get maximum out of any course you enroll for. German language classes in Lucknow

Satisfaction of students is the main concern of this institute. Thus fulfilling it by the facilities like smart classes, study material, air conditioning, digital quizzes, question banks etc and also by the esteem support of teachers. German language course in Lucknow

A government authorized and ICR certified institute allow students to get classes both from online and offline.Focus is given on all the main components of language that is Phonology, Semantics, Grammar, Pragmatics etc. German language in Lucknow

From very starting you will be focusing not only on just clear the foreign embassy’s exam but also to communicate with native speakers of the language you apply for.  French language classes in Lucknow

 Last but not the least this institute helps anyone to make their learning easy and fun. French language courses in Lucknow

 German Language 

German (Deutsch) is the most widely spoken language in 5 continents like Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and definitely Germany, the political and economical centre of the Europe.


French Language

French (Français), is a Romance language spoken by around 130 million people worldwide and is the official language of 26 countries like France, Switzerland, Belgium etc

 Italian Language

Italian (italiano) ,a Romance language, is spoken by around 60 million people of Italy, Switzerland, Vatican City etc and is one of the easiest language for native english speakers.

Latest News

German language

This language is presently being studied by total 50 students.Total number of batches running are 5. And four new batches start every month. German is taught under the guidance of Mr Ankit Kalra. Total 2000 students are passed till date. French language courses in Lucknow

Spanish language 

This language is presently being studied by total 15 students. Total number of batches running are 3. And three new batches start every month. Spanish is taught under the guidance of Mr Arsalan. Total 500 students are passed till date. Spanish language classes in Lucknow

French language 

This language is presently being studied by total 25 students. Total number of batches running are 2.  And three new batches start every month. French is taught under the guidance of Mr Ankit Kalra. Total 1500 students are passed till date. 

Spanish language course in Lucknow



Pass in Embassy Exam

Ankit Kalra

Ankit Kalra


Mr. Ankit kalra is a Professor of French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese Language and Director of Best Foreign Languages. 

Spanish language courses in Lucknow



Team Member

German and Russian language Teacher. She is a Russian person but she was living in Germany for last 15 years. 

Spanish language in Lucknow

Navila Okamoto

Navila Okamoto

Team Member

She is a Japanese person and she teach Japanese from English and Hindi.

Chinese language classes in Lucknow



Team member

A Spanish teacher qualified from Cervantes and having teaching expirience of three years.

Chinese language course in Lucknow

 What our Students Say


Chinese language courses in Lucknow. 

Mukesh Verma

I am learning Korean language in Best foreign languages and i think this is the perfect institute in Lucknow. From my side this is the best institute. one thing more i will suggest all of you to take a class here then decide. thank you Ankit sir. Chinese language in Lucknow


Sapna Singh

Best institute for foreign languages in LKO with affordable price … good teaching. Done with German A1 n A2. Friendly learning experience…supportive staff even after your course completion. Thanks for helping me in this language sessions. Very flexible about time and course. Good facilities and material Perfect fit new students to learn German. Japanese language classes in Lucknow


Aditya Ganguli

Very hard working professor it has personally been my experience….. He makes studying fun and even teaches intuitive meanings of everything….though it was an unfamiliar language to he made it familiar within a week …….best french professor in Lucknow…Thank you Ankit sir for everything you have given me. Japanese language course in Lucknow

Aman Sharma

Amazing experiance when learning Japanese language. Really good faculty. Japanese language in Lucknow

About Us

 English language classes in Lucknow

Best Foreign Language Classes positioned for Languages.  English language course in Lucknow


Its a Goverment authorised and ICR certified institute.  English language courses in Lucknow


It is one the most esteemed and markable institution in India that conducts exotic language courses such as French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and English Language etc.  English language in Lucknow


The Best Foreign Languages has been working for years conducting sessions for school and university students, lawers, doctors, charter accounts,builders, scholars and lecturers etc. Japanese language courses in Lucknow

We are working since 1998 and learnt more then 50000 student. Japanese language in Lucknow

Our institute is proud to state the success record of our 50000 students till date who not only cleared the exams but also appointed as foreign language teachers in different job sectors


Teachers of this institute tries their level best to enhance the productivity of students and caliber to enhance their language learning by interesting lectures, quizes, mock tests, printed notes, exercising solving etc.


If you want to learn Foreign language in Lucknow such as French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. This is the best place for language classes in Lucknow. Do your language Course by Levels. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 are the divided levels which makes learning systematic and easier. Online courses can be a great choice for learning from your hometown. Flexible timings adds a great boon for learners from any age and proffesion. Enrole now for your favourite language and be a part of BFL family now.