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Learn French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese Language Courses in Lucknow. If you are a great student then our professional teacher teach language, and you learn language very easily.

Join French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, English, Turkish, Korean, Thai Language Courses in Lucknow. Foreign language Course at B.F.L is the best in the industry since 2000.

B.F.L is the leader in Foreign language and Personality development course. B.F.L also provides Foreign language on Phone Classes. 2000 + Happy Students in India.

To get a good mark in the Speaking exam, you will need to produce simple sentences on familiar topics, and also be able to give reasons, opinions and explain your plans.

You will get top marks if you show you can speak for extended periods of time and also if you use more complex structures (e.g., conditionals, comparative language, passives, etc.) We encourage our students to understand and use this range of language in our A2 and B1 classes.

Learn French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese at a single place

Language Courses

German Language

German (Deutsch) is a member of the western group of the Germanic languages. It is spoken primarily in Germany, Austria, the majority of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Südtirol (South Tyrol) region of Italy, the Opole Voivodship of Poland, the eastern part of Belgium, parts of Romania.

French Language

French (Français), {fʁɑ̃sɛ} is a Romance language spoken as a first language by around 136 million people worldwide. A total of 500 million speak it as either a first, second, or foreign language courses Lucknow. Moreover, some 200 million people learn French as a foreign language.

Italian languages

Italian (italiano) is a Romance language spoken by about 60 million people in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, the Vatican City, Malta and Eritrea. There are also Italian speakers in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Canada, the USA and the UK.

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German language classes in lucknow

German language classes in lucknow INTRODUCTION An German language     The course will develop your language skill in speaking, reading, writing, translation and interpretation in the language of your choice. You will be introduced to history, culture and literature of the particular language. Audiovisual language laboratory facilities and films make learning the language simple and interesting. …

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Spanish language classes in lucknow

An Introduction to Spanish Spanish is one of the most-used languages in the world, and it’s one that is relatively easy for English speakers to master. Whether you are studying formally or just want to pick up enough Spanish to make your travels more enjoyable, start your journey with this collection of beginner-friendly lessons and …

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French language classes in lucknow

Learn French step by step. A light introduction to French grammar and vocabulary. Concise and entertaining. This French course is based on level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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Ankit Kalra

Mr. Ankit kalra is a Professor of French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese Language and Director of Best Foreign Languages.

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German and Russian language Teacher. She is a Russian person but she was living in Germany for last 15 years.

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Navila Okamoto

She is a Japanese person and she teach Japanese from English and Hindi.

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She is qualified from Cervantes. She is a Spanish teacher.

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Best Foreign Language Classes positioned for Languages. It is one the most esteemed and markable institution in India that initiated exotic language courses such as French, German, Spanish, Italian, Koreon, Chinese, Japanese and English Language etc. Foreign Language has been facilitating the students, professionals, businessmen, tourists, scientists, doctors, engineers, Housewives, social workers and many others to be equipped with the effective tools of foreign languages so that they acheive their desired aim.
We are working since 1998 and learnt more then 50000 student. We are happy to inform you that many people got there desired goal.

Learn French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese

Join French, German, Japanese, Chinese language course in Lucknow. You learn languages such as french, german, chinese, japanese, russian, like as your mother tong. We offer a great deal for you if you want to learn languages from your hometown, you learn online.
Learn french, german, chinese, italian, russian language in simple and easy steps using levels. In that learning procedure, we divided each levels into such as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
Best foreign languages, gives an attractive offer for learning, online, offline