Which Foreign Language is in Demand

Top five languages to learn in 2020

Arabic as the official language of many  Middle Eastern countries where business opportunities are growing fast learning  Arabic can prove to be an advantage. Arabic is the liturgical language of an entire Muslim civilization which spreads its influence to about 1.5 billion people the language is spoken by 295  million speakers worldwide and the official language of 28 different countries including many developing economies in the Middle East and Africa. 

Arabic countries are developing quickly having economies that together could rival even that of China with this prosperity. The Arabic language is our fifth most important language.

List for French

French was the primary language of diplomatic discourse for centuries.  Today there are 76 million native French speakers but the number of speakers globally climbs up to 370 million.

This proves how influential the language is French is the official language of over  29 countries throughout the world and it is the second most widely spoken first. Language in the European Union France is  still the sixth biggest economy in the world and Paris continues to be a cultural epicenter the french-speaking  world also includes Africa which is  developing and rich in natural resources  the top five fastest-growing African  economies include the Democratic  Republic of Congo Rwanda Tanzania Cote  d’Ivoire and Mozambique and French is an  official language in three of them 

French is also considered to be the language of love which means it has to be.

One of the most important languages Spanish

Spanish is one of the most widespread languages there are around  350 million native speakers while more than 400 million using globally as their second language. Manesh is the primary language in more than 20 countries most of which are located in Latin America however the United States has been cited as the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.

For over 37 million people speak it as their primary language as u.s. is the world’s largest economy and the Hispanic population in u.s. is anticipated to double by 2050  this makes Spanish really really important if you are starting your business in the US or anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere Spanish needs to be one of your chosen languages.

Chinese Mandarin

The Chinese language is the new player on the ring with the most amount of native speakers approximately nine hundred and eighty-five million speakers and having more than 1 billion people able to understand the dialect.

Globally it’s the second most popular language among Internet users and if the  Asian markets continue to expand  Mandarin could supplant English as the most widely used language of the internet this trend is due to the enormous economic shift that China has been undergoing for the past three decades if this trend continues analysts predict that China will become the world’s leading economy by 2050 making  Chinese Mandarin the second most influential and important language.

On  our list one English 

English is the most influential language on our list it is used in 94 countries by 350 million native speakers but as many as 1.5  billion uses it to some extent it is the official language of the US Great  Britain and Canada.

Which are all on the list of the world’s ten biggest economies along with this the English language also retains the number one spot as the most commonly used language by 50% of websites and Internet users with nine hundred and fifty million users being essentially the mother tongue of the Internet in computer technology English is omnipresent globally English will be crucial for entrepreneurs who want to thrive on the global stage with all of this said there is no denying of the fact that English is the language of globalization and most useful one to learn today.

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