Why Study in Germany? Top 5 Reason

Hey everyone and welcome to Germany Willkommen in Deutschland I’m getting to offer you five top reasons to review in Germany those five compelling reasons due to which you would like to form Germany the selection of your educational destination now which are getting to detail everything you.


Want to understand about the way to study in  Germany for free of charge including the appliance process the prices scholarships and every one of that stuff.



The first is that Germany is that the third hottest destination amongst international students to review in after the US and Canada the rationale number two that interests you is that 12% of all students enrolled in  German universities are students coming from abroad and number three is that  Munich and Berlin regularly feature within the top 10 favorite cities within the world of international students so let’s begin with the highest five benefits to review in  Germany the amount one reason you would like to review in Germany is for its world-class technical institutions  Germany has a number of the simplest technical institutions within the world including some medical institutions and management institutions also because the German education system is split into three main sorts of institutions the primary other universities and therefore the technical universe city’s.


The second other universities of  Applied Sciences also called the FAC  Hochschule II or the Hochschule II and therefore the third are the universities of music art and theater etc so Germany is coined a  term called praxis which they use in their entire education system right from their schooling to the University which suggests practice and that they teach their students to use everything that they learn in theory into an application, in fact, the fog Shula or the  Hochschule is our industry or corporate-oriented reason number two that you simply want to review in Germany is that it’s no tuition fee the govt subsidizes education in Germany and therefore the public universities charge absolutely no tuition fee to local students also on international students.


Now let me offer you some statistics there are 400  institutions of upper education in  Germany which have about 2.5 million students enrolled at now of your time and 95 percent of those students study at the general public universities where there’s ZERO tuition fee but does that mean that we do not need to pay anything to those universities no it doesn’t suggest that permit me to explain your cost structure once you study in Germany the schools will charge you approximately about 400 to 500 euros it depends from university to college but just a ballpark number of 400 to 500  euros that they’re going to charge you per semester which may be a period of six months and this covers their administration fee there might be a contribution charge.


It also includes a free travel card that you simply will get to travel on all different modes of transport within Germany so that’s your primary expense 400 to 500  euros per six months now let’s mention the living cost the typical living cost in Germany is about 700 euros per month it’s ballpark number cities like Munich might be a touch costlier and cities like Berlin might be a touch cheaper but on a mean, if you’re taking variety. 

like 700 euros per month that number might be an honest average to figure with about 50% of this might be towards your rent and maybe you’ll take up a shared student accommodation and about 100 250  euros could go towards your food and groceries and therefore the balance for all of your other living expenses now this still makes the living cost in Germany less expensive than studying in neighboring  France or within the Netherlands the amount three advantage of studying in Germany is that you simply got to keep a comparatively lower amount in your blocked account and let me explain that to you.


When you attend study in Germany you would like to use for a  national visa this visa features a number of various requirements and during all|one amongst|one in every of”>one among the wants is to put a sum of cash in a blocked account to point out them that you simply have the potential of financing one-year living expenses now remember because they do not have a  tuition fee this amount is lower because you simply got to show one year of living expenses before we get to the precise amount you’d got to open this blocked account as soon as you get yours. 


University acceptance letter and you’ll also open this account in your home country before you go there now watching the quantity at the speed of euros 720  per month the quantity that you simply got to place during this blocked account is for the 12-month  period so that’s euro 8640 approximately which works bent about 7 lakh of Indian rupees at the present rate of exchange now let me tell you if you wanted to travel and study in US or Canada this amount would be much much higher you’d got to show in your account a minimum of 15 to twenty lakhs if less so this is often an enormous advantage for you once you attend study in Germany especially if funds may be a crunch situation seven lakh of rupees in your block account and tuition fee for free of charge the amount fourth benefit for you to review in Germany is that the work opportunities. 


Germany offers a considerable number of labor opportunities for you provided you’re proficient in spoken German let’s check out the regulations under your student visa you’re allowed to figure for  120 full days or 240 half days during the year when the term is on you’ll do  20 hours every week and through vacations, you’re allowed to figure full-time you do not need any specific approval for this you’ll automatically work 20 hours every week the instant you’ve got the national visa for a student your student assistantships or research assistantships are over and in particular of this and there’s no upper deadline for that, however, those require the approvals of the university.


Now let’s check out this 20  hours every week most students attempt to work on weekends for 10 hours each day and canopy up the 20 hours over the 2 weekend days and specialize in their academics during the five days of the week let’s check out where they have a tendency to figure most students tend to figure at stores and restaurants but a number of the higher-paying jobs for you as a student and I am talking about part-time jobs here preferably weekend jobs might be maybe as a language tutor as a call center executive or an office assistant, not office assistants aren’t weekend jobs but they might be higher paying even babysitting jobs sometimes are often higher-paying and also if you’re a field interviewer.


Now you would like to  combine a number of the upper paying jobs  with the weekend jobs and balance out  your work curriculum and therefore the weekends which 20 hours every week let’s check out  remuneration the wage in Germany  is 9 euros an hour but you’ll rise up  to 15 to 18 euros an hour if you’re employed as  a feel interview or perhaps you’ll  get the upper number now watching 20  hours of you’ll earn up to 800 euros a month which would sufficiently lookout of  your living costs of which we said were  roughly about 700 euros a month however got to”>you want to know that if you earn quite  450 euros a month you would like to pay taxes  and Social Security contributions which  are minimal as a student however you  need to pay them but they assist in  clocking your years to become a resident  and we’re getting to mention that later  but focusing immediately on work  opportunities the one thing i need to tell  you is that for of these jobs to happen you want to be proficient in spoken German  but don’t be concerned about it once you enroll  in Germany.


let’s say you do not know  German from before but you continue to want to enroll during a German university or right ahead and roll in the hay usually they’re gonna ask you for your TOEFL scores because the course itself is in English but once you enroll you’ll take up these short-term German courses which are offered at the schools and at the top of about three months you’ll be reasonably proficient in spoken  German and devour a couple of part-time jobs here and there and slowly work towards getting that b1 level of language proficiency that’s a bare minimum before you’ll search for any permanent job okay now moving faraway from part-time jobs and searching at the permanent jobs that you are going to be watching once you complete your degree Germany.


 as you recognize is that the fourth-largest economy within the world after USA China and Japan and it is the largest one within the EU jobs are aplenty but there are certain sectors that have more jobs and certain others and let me mention which those sectors are engineering jobs are available particularly engineering automobile engineering EE and even Chemical  Engineering jobs renewable power sectors very large and particularly if you’re performing on the solar energy those are the type of jobs that you simply could get in large numbers. 


medicine is another area of priority and statistics show that they’re about short by 5,000 doctors immediately another area where they’re growing and searching for people within the IT area so if you are a software professional and even other STEM-related areas science fields mathematics fields etc are areas where you’ll get jobs readily outside of those science and technology and engineering jobs like within the education sector and within the training sector also are highly in demand also watching the massive corporations.


where you’ll apply the massive local corporations in Germany are sort of a DDOS  Allianz BMW Bosch Deutsche Bank Hugo  Boss Volkswagen Siemens and there are many others so those are the roles you’ll get with the local corporations there’s also a number of the massive multinational companies that have a  significant presence in Germany like  Amazon Google KPMG McKinsey so these are the businesses that might typically employ in large numbers and you’ll keep all of this in mind when you’re applying, however.


German universities have their own career centers and you’ll attend them and that they will extend a  lot of help to you in preparing your resume in applying and interviewing with these companies and also helping you select which company you would like to use to and benefit number five to review in  Germany is that the options available to you to calm down therein country now typically after you finish your university degree your student visa will expire soon albeit the visa was initially issued for a period longer than the amount of your degree it expires immediately on expiration of your degree or on completion of your degree. 

Now you’re eligible to use for an  18-month work visa post completion of this course of study now during that 18  months you’ll still work for your  20 hours part-time jobs and you’ll structure for that living expenses while you are looking for that permanent job however you’ll lose out on a number of your student benefits like that subsidized insurance and therefore the free travel card but. 


You could still earn upwards of 802 now hundred euros because by then you’ve got a  lot of labor experience also if you’re doing a academic degree you’ll have an eighteen-month or 24-month work experience in Germany you’d be better within the language so you’ll be at the upper end of the per hour rate when you’re doing all of your part-time jobs and you’ll be comfortable together with your living cause but the goal for you is to urge that permanent job and as soon as you get that permanent job.


You’re eligible to use for a part-time German residence permit otherwise you blue card now the difference between the 2 really is because the name suggests the German residence permit is restricted for jobs within Germany the EU blue card allows you to maneuver around between the countries of EU however it’s said that for better long-term prospects within Germany the  German residence card is preferred so weigh the pros and cons of the 2 before you decide on one but you’ll choose either of the 2 the instant you get a permanent job and one caveat is that the work must be associated with the sector during which you probably did your course of study and needless to mention language proficiency at a b1 level may be a minimum must before you get that permanent job now two years after you’ve that. 


German permit or the EU permit you’ll  apply for a permanent residence permit once more it might be either German or  it might be you counting on what you  chose within the first place and also what is extremely exciting is that if you have been  there for eight years as a student as a  taxpayer then you’re eligible to  apply for a citizenship and Germany  gives its own students so if you’re a  foreigner having studied during a German  university you get tons of preference  over the other non-EU resident or  citizen so once you attend study in  Germany literally the whole job market  is hospitable you if you’d know to talk  their language so these were the highest  five benefits of studying in Germany but  there are variety  other side benefits also which I’m  quickly getting to list out for you  Germany features a sizable amount of programs  available to you in English  there are numerous masters and PhD  programs and you will find all of them listed  on the da-ad website which are conducted  in English also the scholar  community is extremely helpful and  talking about the ad you’ll even get  a full scholarship which covers your. 


entire living expenses also the degree is granted by the German universities are internationally recognized because they’re now covered under the Bologna reforms they even have topped faculty and great infrastructure on a private level also living in Germany might be an excellent experience because Germany is bang within the middle of Europe and you’ll find yourself traveling to all or any these exotic countries on your long weekend and Germany itself may be a beautiful country to measure in with a various population weather-wise it’s cold but it isn’t as cold as Canada so I’m sure you’ll adapt beautifully to the present country so having said that I’m sure you’re opening up the websites today and filling out forms and deciding where you would like to travel in Germany to review.

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