Which foreign language is best to learn in 2020?

The best foreign languages to find out in 2020

1. Arabic
The Arabic is quickly becoming a seriously worthwhile investment for those hoping to succeed in the growing economies within the Middle East and Africa.

According to the planet Economic Forum, it’s the 5th most powerful language within the world, and it’ll probably still climb ranks as trade continues to expand to and from Arab nations.

2. French
So, French seems to be a rather controversial one.

2014 New Republic article is an example that claims that it’s time to prevent pretending French is a crucial language for the world and it’s a need of everyone.

Others claim that Africa’s growth will help it become a must-know, where it remains the only official language in 11 countries.

So whether you would like to visit France, Quebec, or Sub-Saharan Africa, it’s still worth brooding about learning this interlanguage (pun intended) that would open some serious doors for your future.

3. German
The German language is officially spoken in six major countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein), around 100 million people spoke the German language.

Germany is the largest economic generator in Europe, Germany is famous for car, electronic and many more, making German language is used for international business and diplomacy worldwide.

4. Hindi
A bit of a surprise, as Hindi isn’t always at the highest of everyone’s mind when it involves foreign languages.

But if you remember our post about the foremost spoken languages within the world, it’s standing at a powerful #4 on the list, with 310 million native speakers.

Based on popularity alone, it might be a shame to miss out on the growing number of opportunities you’ll get to talk Hindi – to not mention the access it’ll offer you to rich and interesting cultures.

5. Mandarin
When Mark Zuckerberg publicly showed off his Mandarin skills, some were wowed, others amused, et al. cynical.

Let’s face it:

Learning Mandarin is one among the neatest moves you’ll bring business. At the present rate, China’s GDP is about to overtake the US by 2029, and it’s already the world’s largest trading nation.

Of course, there’s tons more to Mandarin than an honest business opportunity.

It’s the foremost speech within the world – and therefore the second most used online. So you’ll get many opportunities to practise.

6. Portuguese
While you’ll be ready to practise your Portuguese with quite 10 million people in Portugal, Brazil seems to be subsequent frontier for South American business.

Brazil remains the most important economy in Latin America, and it isn’t too hard to find out for native English speakers.

In fact, British Council added Portuguese within the top 10 most vital languages for the united kingdom future, a transparent indication that it offers a world of opportunities for education, diplomacy and in fact foreign investment.

7. Spanish
The Spanish language can take you far.

Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela, Spain…just a couple of of the countries where you’ll be ready to practice with quite 480 million native speakers across the world.

Chances are if you’re reading this post, you have already got a reasonably clear idea on what foreign language you’d wish to learn.

But who knows, maybe you don’t want to place all of your eggs in one basket and add a 3rd or fourth language to your skillset?

The good news is that with Busuu, you don’t need to specialise in one language only. you’ll learn up to 12 languages directly, and at your own pace, ensuring you actually put all the linguistic odds in your favour.

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