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Why Spoken English ?

10 good reasons for learning Spoken English

A world language

A language for the international job market

The language of culture

A language for travel

A language for higher education

The other language of international relations

A language that opens up the world

A language that is fun to learn

A language for learning other languages

The language of love and reason

Spoken English in Lucknow

Spoken English classes in Lucknow

                                                                  Spoken English Language Levels

All Spoken English levels are very precisely set by us in order to make the best in every student. Each level is so divided in order to make learning systematic and easy.

  • A1 – Beginners
    Never done Spoken English before, it’s the first level of your journey. We will be starting from the scratch and building the very foundation of English language. Topics including will be alphabets, counting, greetings, basic phonetics, simple translations etc. One will be able to give self-introduction, ask questions, giving replies etc.


  • A2-Complete Beginners
    This level makes a strong basic foundation for English Language by clearing all the basics including the in-depth knowledge of the topics covered in A1 level. Clearing this level allows one to communicate in simple and lucid form and able to give descriptions regarding daily topics like address giving and telling directions, talking about Leisure, state of health, asking money, telling time etc.


  • B1 – Intermediate
    One can understand the main points of the given lucid contexts. The level of difficulty changes but one becomes familiar and used to with time. At this level one completes all the simple basics part and prepares to learn new things and starts the detail study of various topics.


  • B2 –Upper Intermediate
    One can understand most of the points used in advanced texts as well as able to give details regarding his/her field of specialisation. This level allows one to sound fluent and natural to some extent. One will not have any significant language breaks when talking with native speakers.


    Level A1

    Hours 60

    Level A2

    Hours 60

    Level B1

    Hours 90

    Level B2

    Hours 90

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